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Commercial Photography

“The artist photo or cover art is normally the first impression and it can influence ears before a “Play” button is ever pushed. Personally, I read visual representation as a sign of dedication and commitment. Professional artwork and a professional photo indicate an artist who is serious about their craft and one who understands the importance of marketing and promoting themselves as a brand.”
- Victor Alfieri

As a musician, most of your time spent is preforming or writing songs. The process of creating your brand if centered around the image you create through music, videos, and pictures.

Your EPK, album cover, and promotional materials are the first thing labels, booking agents, and managers see when you put yourself out there. Alloy takes the time to understand who you are, and your unique sound. We then create photographs, albums covers and promotional materials that seamlessly blend with the message you have worked hard to create through your music. 

You music is your brand. Let Alloy assist in perfecting the image your want your fans to see.

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Cherish Lee

Jonathan Harper 

The Roads Below - #theroadsbelow

Phoenix Mendoza