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Senior photo season is upon us.

Summer is always the most stressful yet most enjoyable time of the year for me. How about you? Between the weather, flowers, fresh fruits and veggies, cook outs, soaking up the sun by the water and many other things I can hardly stand the thought of the struggle of making it through another Michigan winter. I try to cram as much into one summer as I possibly can because I know that before long I will be cooped up in the house watching White Christmas and counting down the days until the warmth of the sun touches my face again.

Summer for upcoming high school seniors is bitter sweet I'm sure. It is super exciting to know that once September comes along you hold seniority. This year will be the year that you have looked forward to since you stepped foot through the doors the first day of freshman year. You want this summer to be one you won't forget. Senior photos should be on your summer 2013 list of must-do's. If you have not yet thought about your senior photos please don't wait. You only have 3 short months so don't wait until the flurries start falling. Summer and Fall are the perfect seasons for senior shots.

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