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Do you every wonder or have a curiosity about random or strange things? I do all the time. My most recent curiosity was about the game of croquet.

This weekend, while visiting one of my favorite places in Michigan, (Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island) we took a stroll through the garden. While walking through and admiring the beauty, we came across a place that was designated for the playing of croquet. My mind took me back to one of my favorite childhood movies, "Summer Magic" with Hayley Mills and Burl Ives.

In the movie the community gets dressed up and enjoys an afternoon picnic. My memory is a little blurry on the details of what happened at this picnic, but I do know there was a love triangle going on and Nancy (Hayley Mills) was in the center of it. I remember her playing a game of croquet with a gentleman that all of the girls admired. As a young girl I remember it seeming very romantic and looked like a very enjoyable thing to do on a date. The game requires no sweating (this means a lot when you are trying to look your best) and can also be very competitive. It can be played by all ages and men and women compete on an equal playing level. 

One of my summer goals is to break out the old croquet set that sits in my parent's garage. It will be accompanied by steaks on the grill, a salad made with fresh veggies from the garden, rhubarb crisp for dessert and a mojito to keep us refreshed. Who's with me?