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We are a Michigan based design studio, helping hatch brands, dreams and visions. We are here for the innovators. We work with a brilliant team of designers, writers and visionaries with an objective to bring life to your craft. We are motivated by the story and here to create something that's meaningful and will set you apart. Nashville photographer, Michigan Photographer. Michigan Social Media Management. Nashville Social Media Management. 

Lets dress up like gypsies

Drum roll please……… Alloy is pleased to present our 2015 senior reps. Jessie Theisen (Farwell High School), Kourtney Krchmar (Harrison High School), and Carlee Williamson (Clare High School). If you haven't already booked your senior photographer and would like more information on what Alloy has to offer, please contact one of the reps or myself (Lauren Manderbach) at 989.329.0737. You can also reach me by e-mail at