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A love story...

She has been in the process of working on an old house that she purchased a while back. Working on it little by little in hopes to live there one day. I'm so happy that she will have someone to share it with....

He planned and prayed and finally the day came. The day that he would propose and bring two families together. He waited for her in the front yard of her old house. The house that they will now work on and fix up as a couple. The house that they will start their married life in. 

When she arrived to her home he met her at her car door. From that moment she knew something was up. He walked her to the red bench that was waiting for her along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, candles, and chocolate kisses (aka medicine). He then sang her the song he had written for his future wife and then got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. He put a beautiful 1940's ring on her hand. A vintage piece that is absolutely perfect. Their families erupted from the house and we celebrated with a lovely dinner. What a beautiful moment and memory. Thank you for allowing me to hide out and creep in on this event that none of us will ever forget.

God bless you both for years and years.



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