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Cherish Lee

An all American singer, song writer and story teller. Cherish Lee is the daughter of Country music legend, Johnny Lee (Urban Cowboy's Lookin' For Love) and Hollywood vixen, Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing on the hit television series, Dallas).

Cherish spent the last few years on the road with her Papa Bear before moving full time to Nashville, TN. Writing music, performing, getting married, starting a family and recording her album "Tequila Cowgirl", she has stayed extremely busy to say the least.

Cherish's new album has a real Cinderella story attached to it. "It certainly is a home grown album and I could not have done it without my brilliant producer, Nate Wedan. I was respectfully allowed to be the artist and most importantly, a mother. No one flinched at my son coming to the studio with me or having to run home early on days he's stayed with his daddy. This album is all heart."

Tequila Cowgirl has an intimate, nostalgic feel to it. Add elements of modern day pop mixed with a healthy respect of country music, throughout the ages, and of course a little bit of rock n roll and you got yourself Cherish Lee's Tequila Cowgirl!

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