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Das Atemhaus

Das Atemhaus means the house of breath, therefore practices at Das Haus are keenly rooted in awareness, connection, and movement of the breath. Das Haus encourages the polishing of one's senses through thoughtfully orchestrated pranayama.  It is a clear space that provides students with a consistent and simple environment to practice yoga + meditation.

Yoga at Das Haus is a blend of multiple lineages and modalities designed to support every level of practitioner; synthesizing vinyasa (flow), restorative (rest), hatha (hold), ecology (natural patterns), and art (the narrative of ceramics & centering). When multiple modalities are intentionally fused together each student has the opportunity to experience the most balanced, fulfilling, and safe practice possible. 

 Branding Package + Quarterly Promo Photos + Print

Branding Package + Quarterly Promo Photos + Print