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Lauren Manderbach - Owner

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Adalie Harper

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Graciela Mercedes

With years of experience in print layout design, photography and entrepreneurship I, Lauren Manderbach have finally found a way to marry my passions.It wouldn't be possible without help from my amazing team. Together,  we will use our vision and creativity to professionally market your business, service, or event. We are determined and driven to make your dreams a reality. Let us help you execute your vision. 

Specializing in: commercial and lifestyle photography, brand development, print layout, graphic design, and web design

Addy has been part of the Alloy team for years but has recently taken on the videography portion of what Alloy has to offer. She has an eye for detail and creativity that helps set our clients apart from the crowd. She's not only a creative and visionary partner with Alloy but she also writes a beautiful blog. Read some of her work and follow along with the other things that Addy does. She's a charm and we are lucky to have her.

Specializing in: lifestyle photography, videography, and content creation

Graciela has talents upon talents. She brings light and inspiration to everyone she encounters. She is an artist of all forms. She doesn't limit herself to what the world says she should be but instead pushes against the wave and proves that her dreams will one day become reality. She offers Alloy beautifully hand drawn custom content and a vision for the future of our clients. With her help we can offer unique and unmatchable product. Vist to follow along with Graciela and her continually growing portfolio.

Specializing in: hand drawn content, visionary coach, and art of all forms.